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Pensacola Beach Fishing pier updated regulations;

  • Pier is open daily from 5am to 10pm
  • Fishing; Open from 5am to 10pm, 7 days per week at the regular Admission rate
  • Walking Passes;   Open from 6pm to 10pm for admission of sunset walkers at the regular all-day pass (coming and going) admission rate
  • Wrist Bands:   Identify the Type of Pass either Fishing or Walking
  • Social Distancing Guidelines:  Remain in Full Effect at all times.
  • Groups:  Maximum number of persons in any group is ten (10).

Pier staff has demarcated the length of the Pier identifying all permissible spaces, measured to meet the minimum six (6) foot social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC. Markings are there to control spacing in between every fishing group, and to limit the total number of spaces available for fishing.  This helps to keep those who are fishing from clustering in any one location. Management also hired additional staff to walk the pier and maintain social distancing throughout the day. Hand washing basins with soap are available for regular use.

Bamboo Willie’s will be offering our

To-Go & Package, Merchandise Sales only main bar is still closed

Will be able to take drinks to the Beach or Boardwalk

Open 7 days a week starting at 11am

Crab’s is hiring servers and bartenders!

Central Waterside  is back to being live on the beach (Bimini Beach Bar- behind Hemingways on Sunday’s @ 9 AM.  We  currently offer masks and gloves and have our seating 6 feet apart and will continue to follow beach regulations as they update.

Adventures Unlimited have reinstated our zip line tours!!!  Taking groups of no more than 6 that have been socially distancing together only.  Weeeeeeeeeee!

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